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What do these documents contain? Other details that may be included are the names and birthdates of children, financial status of the couple at the time of divorce, custody arrangements, court order for alimony, court order for child support, division of assets, and any accusations of domestic abuse and restraining orders filed with the divorce papers.

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But divorce records vary in the type and depth of information they provide. Some are more comprehensive than others. Their coverage depends on various factors such as the place where the divorce was filed and what divorce-related laws the state has in place. Where you obtain the records also plays a role, as certain databases provide a wider range of information.

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You have the option to contact the local court clerk and request for copies of divorce records. Notes and drafts of documents within an agency which remain subject to approval by upper management and which have not been issued are preliminary materials which are not "records" or "documents. The Attorney General has also informally indicated that "briefing papers" which have been circulated to the members of a public body prior to a meeting of the body are not "drafts," but rather are public records subject to disclosure.

The mere fact that a record is in the possession of a public officer or a public agency does not make it a public record of that officer or agency. Conversely, public records need not be in the physical possession of an agency to be subject to disclosure under the Public Records Statutes by that agency. The key question with respect to access to particular records is whether those records are records "of" or "belonging" to the agency in question.

Note: In Evertson v. City of Kimball , supra , the court rejected an argument that a public body must have ownership of, as distinguished from a right to obtain, materials in the hands of a private entity.

See also Frederick v. Custody over a record requires supervision or control over the document, or legal responsibility for its care, keeping or guardianship. The numerical index of instruments affecting the title of real estate in the office of the county clerk. State v. Sovereign , 17 Neb. The fee book of the clerk of the district court. Meeker , 19 Neb.

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The docket of a justice of the peace where judgments are recorded. Elsworth , 61 Neb.

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Hunting and fishing permits. Records maintained by the Crime Victims' Reparations Board. Records of official actions taken by the State Tax Commissioner. Records maintained by a county in connection with a lottery. Applications for a Pardon become public records when they are filed with the Secretary of the Nebraska Board of Pardons.

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Records maintained by a county agricultural society are subject to the Public Records Statutes. Applications for absentee ballots are public records and are open to examination until, following the canvass of votes cast, they are deposited in the office of the county clerk or election commissioner for safekeeping. The list of uncashed state warrants maintained by the Nebraska State Treasurer constitutes a public record. Proposals in connection with Education Innovation Fund grants awarded by the Governor and the Excellence in Education Council are public records.

Institutional profiles along with preliminary and prioritized lists of educational institutions referred by the U. That opinion also indicated that materials accompanying such applications including resumes, letters of recommendation, and so forth are public records to the extent that they are in the possession of the state agency. Computer data bases, computer programs, and computer instructions, manipulations and routines collected, formulated and produced by the Nebraska Department of Education in accordance with the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act are public records under the Public Records Statutes.

The records of a court-appointed receiver which are directly related to the receivership are public records which are subject to the Public Records Statutes. Those reports summarize the use of forfeiture funds during each year. The Attorney General has indicated informally that first reports of injury filed with the Workers' Compensation Court, with the exception of the portions of those reports containing an employer's unemployment insurance account number and any social security numbers, are public records. Records of or belonging to the judicial department of state government, including briefs and legal memoranda, are public records under the Public Records Statutes.

Applying the functional equivalency test set out in Frederick v. Those statutes which are a part of the Nebraska Rules of Evidence which create evidentiary privilege may create an exception to the Public Records Statutes. Evidentiary privilege is granted in Chapter 27, Article 5 of the Nebraska Statutes for several types of communications.

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Included, for example, are attorney-client communications, physician-patient communications and husband-wife communications. State of Nebraska ex rel. Unger v. State of Nebraska, Neb. In State ex rel. Veskrna v. Steel , Neb. The Public Records Statutes are not absolute, and they provide for exceptions to disclosure by express and special provisions.

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  6. Orr v. Knowles , Neb. State ex rel. Nebraska Health Care Association v. Burlington Northern Railroad Company v. Omaha Public Power District , F. Statutory exceptions shielding public records from disclosure must be narrowly construed, because the Legislature has expressed a strong public policy for disclosure. Personal information in records regarding a student, prospective student, or former student of any educational institution or exempt school that has effectuated an election not to meet state approval or accreditation requirements pursuant to section , when such records are maintained by and in the possession of a public entity, other than routine directory information specified and made public consistent with 20 U.

    Medical records, other than records of births and deaths and certain investigatory records discussed below, in any form concerning any person, records of elections not to be bound by the Nebraska Hospital Medical Liability Act under Neb.

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    Adams County Historical Society v. Kinyoun , Neb. The court concluded that the records at issue were records of deaths which could not be kept confidential. The Attorney General has concluded that fiscal records kept by a county ambulance service are subject to examination, but that the names of patients and the types of services rendered to those patients are medical records which may be kept confidential. Birth and death records should be made available to the public under the Public Records Statutes. The bulk of those documents could be kept confidential. Trade secrets, academic and scientific research work in progress and unpublished, and other proprietary or commercial information which would give advantage to business competitors and serve no public purpose if released.

    In Aksamit Resource Mgmt. Nebraska Pub.

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    Power Dist. The court concluded that while NPPD demonstrated that release of the information would give an advantage to competitors, it was not entitled to withhold records under the exception since it failed to establish that disclosing the information would serve no public purpose. However, that case preceded the effective date of the Nebraska Trade Secrets Act adopted in In addition, that Act contains some positive prohibitions upon the dissemination of trade secrets which may go beyond the provisions of the Public Records Statutes.

    The Attorney General reaffirmed those requirements for assertion of the proprietary and commercial information exception to disclosure in Op.

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    4. The Attorney General has indicated informally that a study of Mexican American sentencing trends conducted for a state agency by a college professor which was in uncompleted form constituted academic or scientific research work which could be withheld from the public. Records developed or received by law enforcement agencies and other public bodies with duties of investigation or examination when the records are part of the examination, investigation, intelligence information, citizen complaints, informant identification, or information used in law enforcement training.

      Under LB passed in , and LB passed in , this exception does not apply to investigatory records developed or received relating to the presence of and amount or concentration of alcohol or drugs in any body fluid of any person.