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Legal descriptions can be found on the property's tax notice or assessment notice. However in most cases, only the lot and plan numbers are required to successfully obtain a title search. The title number can be found on the registered Form A transfer document.

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This number is issued by the Land title office when a transfer document is received for filing. Searching by title number is usually done when obtaining historical or cancelled titles. Each title will reference the 'from title,' or in other words, the previous title number thus establishing the property's historical chain. One or all of the titles can then be obtain. It is important to note that this search does not provide the property's civic address. An additional search may be required to match the property's legal description to a civic address.

In most provinces the legal description is required in order to successfully obtain a title search. If none is available, an obtain legal search may be required before a title search can be conducted.

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When purchasing a new home, a title search will confirm who owns the property and for how long they have owned it. A title search will list all of the registered charges and encumbrances that may adversely affect the value or use of the property. Having all the information available on a property will help you make the best and informed decision possible before making that offer on your dream home. Municipalities often require a current title search for rezoning or building permit applications.

Land title searches, registered documents and tax searches are also essential to many business professionals. Lawyers, notaries, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers, developers, insurance brokers, bankers and many other professionals all require land title searches to conduct their business affairs. Historical titles can be searched if you want to know who owned a property before the current owners or to follow a property's chain of history as recorded in the land title office. Historical title searches can be requested back to a particular date in time, family name or back to the very first fee simple grant from the crown.

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Some conditions apply. However, foreign buyers would be obligated to pay taxes on any declared earnings being brought back to their country of citizenship.

Who pays the sales commission? Typically, the seller or owner pays the commission to the realtor or broker at closing. The buyer does not have to pay any commission when buying property in Costa Rica, unless he specifically agrees to do so as part of the transaction.

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How can a foreign buyer ensure that he has clear title to the property? To ensure clear title, it's important that the necessary steps are taken to properly register the property, and more importantly, be assured that the property in question is free of all liens.

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A title search at the Registry would confirm good title and proper ownership. In the event that adjustments were made to any given title, these alterations must have been recorded at the Registry. The Public Registry report informe registral provides detailed information on the property, including the name of the title holder, boundary lines, tax appraisal, liens, mortgages, recorded easements, and other recorded instruments that would affect title.

Title insurance further ensures that a real estate purchase can be fully secured. Do foreign buyers need an address in Costa Rica to purchase a property? No, it is not necessary to have established residency to buy property in Costa Rica. Foreigners can buy property with a tourist status visa.

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Living in Costa Rica, however, is another matter. Foreigners and tourists have to leave the country for 72 hours once every three months in order to renew their legal status in Costa Rica. Some of the foreigners without residency travel throughout Nicaragua or Panama for a couple of days to discover more of Central America and to renew their visa. Are there regulations regarding beachfront properties? When buying property located on Costa Rica's beaches, buyers should be aware of the following: building a home adjoining beach areas falls under a category known as the Maritime Zone Law, the first meters of land measured from the high tide line.

The first 50 meters from the mean high tide mark cannot legally be built on by anybody, as it is considered public beach. From that point, the next meters is restricted and subject to the Maritime Zone Law. It cannot have an "original title," but can be leased by a concession from the local municipality. General Information About Costa Rica. Where is Costa Rica? Costa Rica borders both the Caribbean Sea to the east and the North Pacific Ocean to the west , with a total of miles of coastline miles on the Caribbean coast and miles on the Pacific.

It is about the size of West Virginia. Costa Rica also borders Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south-southeast mi of border.

In total, Costa Rica comprises 19, sq. It also includes several islands. Among them are Cocos Island and Calero Island. How is Costa Rica divided up? Mayors are chosen democratically every four years by each canton's people. There are no provincial legislatures. Where did Costa Rica get its name? Costa Rica means Rich Coast. Technically the country could be called "Costas Rica," or Rich Coasts simply because it has two coasts: one on the Pacific Ocean and the other on the Caribbean Sea. Are these two coasts the same? The two coasts are physically as different from each other as are the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America.

What is the Pacific Coast like? The Pacific coast has a rugged although mostly accessible coastline where forested mountains often meet the sea. The area can be divided into three distinct regions - Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula; the Central Coast; and finally the Southern Coast. There are some spectacular stretches of coastline, and most of the country's top beaches are on the Southern Coast. The coast varies from the dry, sunny climate of the northwest to the hot, humid rainforests of the south.

What is the Caribbean Coast like? The Caribbean Coast can be divided into two areas.

The remote northeast coastline is a vast flat plain laced with rivers and covered with rain forest. Farther south, along the stretch of coast accessible by car, there are uncrowded beaches and even a bit of coral reef. Where is Costa Rica located? Costa Rica is in the middle of Central America.

It is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the southeast. The country is only slightly larger than Vermont and New Hampshire combined. What is the interior of the country like? Much of the country is mountainous, with three major ranges running northwest to southeast. Among these mountains are several volcanic peaks, some of which are still active. Between the mountain ranges are fertile valleys, the largest and most populated of which is the Central Valley.

What is the weather like? With the exception of the dry Guanacaste region, much of Costa Rica's coastal area is hot and humid and covered with dense rainforests.